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About JapanBlogger.com

Simply put, JapanBlogger.com is about Japan.

Everything about Japan. Manga, anime, schoolgirls, karate, tea ceremony, kimono, and on and on and on. My goal is not to make a completely comprehensive guide to Japan, but rather to give an overview by covering an ever-growing selection of traditional, popular, and unknown topics. I add new articles and update old ones constantly, at least 3-5 times a week, so I do mean ever-growing.

JapanBlogger.com is run by me, David LaSpina. Photo of me and totoro I’m a writer, a photographer, a cafe philosopher, and a teacher – not necessarily in that order. I have been interested in Japan for years, and I finally moved here in 2006 to experience the country close-up. It’s been an incredible adventure and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

I'm aided in my writing by my wife. She's Japanese so she lends me some authority in what I write. She's merciless in her editing!

All Photos on this website are mine unless otherwise noted. I typically watermark my photos, so you can easily tell they are from me. If I use someone else's photos, I always credit them.

Want to know more? Shoot me a message and ask, or send me a message on twitter.

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Finally, if you do enjoy this web site, please pass it along to anyone you think may find it useful. At the bottom of each page you can find a link to easily email what you just read.

Thanks for your visit – I hope you enjoy your stay.

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