All the Japan facts you need

Everyone is curious about Japan facts. This is the kind of thing that even people who otherwise have no interest in the country enjoy reading. It's a very interesting country, and some things are so different from how we do it back home that it almost seems like an alien planet at times.

On this page I'll list some of the more basic info about Japan. Useful things like weather, money, measuring systems, and so on. These nuggets of info are very useful and are the kinds of things you will probably want to know before traveling here.

For example: Did you know...

  • ...that the number system in Japan is grouped by ten-thousands instead of thousands?
  • ...that they use a coin equal to five dollars?
  • ... that it's rude to blow your nose, but not to sniff constantly?

This page will cover general, important facts like these.


Let's start off the list with money. Everyone knows that Japan uses the yen, but do you know about the money itself? In this article I go over the various coins and bills used in Japan and talk briefly about the exchange rate.

Next, just how do you pronounce all these Japanese words you meet? Read the how to here.

More facts coming soon!

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