Exploring Japan – The Land Of The Rising Sun

Getting promoted in a job you have come to love is a big deal for every man. But if a change of destination is attached with it, the good news may turn into bad news for some. In my case, it turned into better news! When I was promoted as the CEO of Honda Motor Company, Ltd., I was asked to leave my beloved hometown of Toronto and join the company’s branch in Japan. The global recession and increase in unemployment made me decide to head out to Japan and explore the “land of the rising sun.”

My apartment and office was based in Tokyo, the capital of Japan and the largest city of the country. The metropolitan city was a hub for the biggest technology industries around the world, making it a prime player in the world economy. It was a lively city where I got to see towns, villages, islands and cities within it! I visited many beautiful sites in Tokyo within the first few weeks, like Tokyo University of Arts, Keio University, Tokyo National Museum, Sumida River, National Museum of Science, Tokyo Dome, and the glorious Imperial Palace.

Apart from Tokyo, I explored other parts of Japan as well. I went to Mount Fuji with a few people from the company. I also went to Comb Dome in Hiroshima, Kamalura in Miyajima, Golden Temple in Kyoto, Nikko, Kamakura, Matsumoto Castle, and Todai-ji Hall in Nara. Although there are countless beautiful destinations in Japan yet to be visited by me, I have been astounded by the wonders of Japan that I was able to see. Canada will always be my country and place of origin, but my heart is set in Japan and I can’t wait to see more of this glorious land.

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